Total Financial Integration

When your time is limited and your finances are complex, ‘set it and forget it’ isn’t enough – your financial life needs to be actively managed and organized in order to help ensure that your wealth will continuously support your personal and family priorities.


Having a fully aligned plan allows us to correct costly inefficiencies, manage complexity, and help ensure that the individual facets of your financial life are properly connected. When your financial life is integrated in this way, daunting tasks like retirement or transitioning a business become focused, goal-oriented and attainable through a practical strategy.

Our approach includes:

  • Coordinating your retirement preparation strategies, whether it’s five years or 20 years away
  • Insurance strategies to help support broader goals for protection, family and estate
  • Drawing upon a network of specialists and resources
  • Total transparency, clear communication and a commitment to client education
  • Responsible incorporation of debt and liability management
  • Coordination with your current accounting and legal professionals, ensuring strategies draw input from your family’s most trusted specialists

“Our clients rely on our financial expertise, but often what makes the difference is all the little things. We take the time to add convenience and clarity to their experience.”

J. Patrick Poling, CFP®, CRPC®, CEPA®, CPFA
Managing Director, Senior Portfolio Manager

Investment Services


Our investment focus is simple: we work with individual clients and their families with the aim of growing and preserving their wealth.

As an independent firm, we have the freedom to apply individualized strategies and to seek out the solutions that are best suited to your particular needs. It also means you get direct line of communication to the decision-makers behind your portfolio.

Our investment services include:

Family Legacy Planning


What you want to build and what you want to leave, the assets you’re growing and those you’re giving, the business you run and the impact you hope it will make – we believe that, like your wealth, your legacy requires thorough advice and personal guidance.

This means taking a comprehensive approach that considers your whole financial life – and all those tied to it, like professional partners and members of the rising generation.

Our family legacy services include:

Exit Planning for Business Owners


As a business owner, your business is one of the biggest parts of your life. Maximizing its value will greatly benefit you now and in the future.

Our exit planning services include: